The right people in the right place

Talent. There is no such thing as having no talent. Talent is not exclusive to artists or athletes. You do not have to be good at arts or sports to claim that you have skills. Everyone has them. And everyone has many. As a hospitality and tourism consultant, I work with people. People are one of the core assets of our industry; people are the lifeline of your company.

Your projects' success will vary according to your capability to identify everyone's talent and find out how it would be more profitable to themselves and your company. Please continue reading to learn how talent management can positively impact your business.

We've all heard the famous JW Marriott quote; ''Take care of your employees, they will take care of your customer, and your business will take care of itself'' Ok, let's be real here, sometimes, it feels a little more complicated than that. But let me simplify it for you. What gives us the most joy in life? Being proud of ourselves is surely one of them. And how can we be proud of ourselves? When we succeed by having the opportunity to use our natural talents. And what will it bring to your company to have employees that are proud of themselves? Well, do I really need to explain that? It will directly impact the experience that your guest, your customer, have when they come to stay at your hotel. Or when they come to enjoy your tourist attraction.

Good talent management starts from the beginning of your relationship with your employees. First, you need to know what kind of talent you are looking for when you are hiring. What behavior will make the greatest impact on reaching your goals? Also, think of the employees that are already part of your team. They all have a unique talent. It could be as simple as Diane that makes the best fudge and bring some every month end in your accounting department. Everyone is happy, and everyone is more productive, not only because they are on a sugar rush… This simple act tells you a lot about her; she is generous, thinks about other people, cares to share what she does best, and of course, is proud of her fudge. What else does Diane do that she would be proud of? Have you ever noticed that when she sits with someone to train them, show them the work she's been doing for 25 years, have you ever noticed the sparkle in her eye? Use that! She will be happy; your training program will be more effective, and your business will grow.

I know sometimes we tend to focus on the problems and the lack. But. It's not how you manage talent. It's talent management, not deficiencies management. I choose to work in the hospitality & tourism industries because I love working with people; I love to see the impact that their own natural talent has on their team, on the customers, on the business.

When you work with talent, you create synergy and become more of what you've ever imagined. Talent management has an infinite field of possibilities. There are as many potentialities as there are humans, and even more. Because people grow, people change. Having the capability to read, recognize, and develop talent will be one of your best assets as a Leader in the Hospitality & Tourism industry.

You care to improve your service and productivity? Talent management will bring you there. Reach out to your Experience+ Consultant now.

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